Appleseed know going off-grid can be challenging, but we also know how rewarding it can be. “There are too many videos on youtube highlighting problems that people have faced,” said Brian Rose of Appleseed. “The truth is, it’s not that difficult, and Appleseed will guide and assist every step of the way.”

Brian plans to make some more positive off-grid videos soon to get people excited about going off-grid. “The benefits are now too huge to ignore. No power bill. Ever.” In the meantime, give Appleseed a call to discuss your requirements with Brian. “A lot of people don’t realise how easily it can be done. With inverters, batteries and controllers, you can be on your way. No need for Nova Scotia Power to ruin your beautiful view with power-lines. You’re not going to need any. “Oftentimes, our system is cheaper than NSP’s charge for new power-lines, so your saving money straight out of the gate,” Brian told us. “And that’s without factoring the years of cost-free power.”

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