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Imagine having a product that will last for 30+ years, requires no or minimal maintenance over its lifetime, needs no fuel other than the light that already bathes our roofs, is easy to use and understand, doesnít smell or make noise, pays for itself quickly, grows in value as energy prices increase, slashes or eliminates monthly bills, doesnít pollute, is readily available, and is affordable. Sound miraculous? We believe it is a miracle, and this is why we got in the business of offering this to you.

Our systems can do all this and more.

These modular systems tie directly to the electric grid, can be mounted on the roof of an existing structure or on a ground rack if needed. They can be configured to produce all or any percentage of your annual electricity expense. When they make more power than what is being used, the extra is sent to the grid for storage, (credit), and can be used when the sun isnít shining. They can even be configured to produce and store power in a battery bank during power outages. These panels have a 25 year warranty to 80% of rated power and will last much longer. They are simple and ingenious, the closest thing man has made to a free energy machine.

Power to the People!

 Save money on your energy bills, save even more as rates continue to increase.
 Manage and control your energy costs by creating your own power. Watch your system pay you back! Be energy independent - don't be dependent upon a volatile electric industry.
 Protect the environment. Renewable energy is clean and produces no air pollution.
 Reduce your contribution to global climate change.
 Renewable energy solutions are highly reliable

Many people are choosing to heat with electricity via a geo-thermal or STEFIS system that can run $15000-$30000 and save 20-30% off heating expenses. For the same investment we can offer solar systems capable of savings of 100%. This means you can heat with electricity produced on site with your solar system for FREE for 30+ years and require no ongoing costs for maintenance. Sound good? This technology is time tested and reliable though it is relatively new to this area. We also offer complete Off-grid power solutions that allow for complete self-sufficiency. No blackouts, no monthly bills, no pollution, and a regular lifestyle. We have a lot of experience with these systems and can easily design, build and install one to suit your needs. 

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