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Have you been thinking about some extra storage on your property?
Maybe you’ve been looking to offset your electricity bill or supply power to your off-grid home or cottage? Appleseed Energy has a solution for you; a custom made Solar Shed. The Solar Shed shown below can hold 12 solar PV panels with the batteries/inverter/etc. stored inside for an off-grid system plus extra storage; or the panels can be grid tied using a Nova Scotia Power Net Metering Agreement

Off Grid:
Solar PV System - 19,850
Shed Finished and moved to site - 7,500
Unfinished (no siding/paint) - 5,000

Grid Tied:
Solar PV System - 10,985
Shed Finished and moved to site - 7,500
Unfinished (no siding/paint) - 5,000


The cost for an unfinished off-grid solar shed complete with 16 batteries, 12 panels, inverter, etc; ready to tie into your electric panel for $24,850 plus tax. An unfinished grid-tied solar shed with 12-panels and micro inverters ready to tie into your panel is yours for $15,985 plus tax.

What kind of power would that supply?
 The off grid system would supply all your power needed except heating loads to a full time off-grid house. Appleseed Energy has sold a number of these systems including Appleseed owner Brian Rose.

 The on grid or grid tied system would provide 3500 kWh/year using a net metering agreement with NSP. As comparison, the average house uses 5000-8000 kWh / year. We can help determine your power usage by having a look at your power bill to figure out your annual kW usage.

The Appleseed Energy Team would be happy to discuss options with you and answer all of your questions.

Please contact us today at 902-227-8220 or email sales@appleseedenergy.com

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