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WE MAKE CUSTOM TEARDROP TRAILERS: contact us for more information and see pictures below of a solar powered 5ft high by 5 ft wide by 10ft long teardrop made with aluminum frame, all aluminum and wood construction, weighs 1400 lbs, all LED lighting, 12V DC and 120V AC power system, 200W solar...perfect for camping anywhere.

This Custom Teardrop includes Apple TV, 24" HDTV, textured wallpaper, 200W solar system for $9995+tax

We can build and customise your very own Teardrop, contact us for more information.

Use the Sunís Free Energy to Power your RV

Appleseed Energy can convert your RV to an off-grid home away from home, no more noisy generators, no more extension cords. Cut the cord and be free to camp wherever you want with no restrictions; and when you are at home your camper can act as back-up power or free auxiliary power for your house or garage. 

This is a 19 ft MicroLite modified with 930W of solar. You can camp anywhere and still enjoy all the comforts of home.  Any camper can be modified, contact us for more details.

Camp at any field or concert and have all the power you need produced by the sun Ö and itís Free!

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