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Net Metering Agreement
Solar Electric (PV or photo voltaic)...takes the sunís energy and converts it into electricity for use in your home or business. The panels are modular and can be customized to your needs. Each panel has a micro inverter that converts the sunís energy into grid-compliant energy that is fed directly to your electric panel.

With a net-metering agreement from Nova Scotia Power, if you are producing more electricity than you require, the excess electricity will be fed back into the electrical grid and NS Power will give you a credit. If you need more power than you are producing, your will pull electricity from the grid and at the end of the year you will be paid for any excess power not used.

This means that you will not lose any of the energy produced by the sun. During the summer when the sun is at its most productive, you will be producing maximum electricity and feeding power back into the grid for credit, essentially your meter will spin backward.

In the winter, you will still be producing electricity (even on cloudy days) but with the shorter days and the sun lower in the sky, you will be using power off the grid and using the accumulated credit. You will be paid for any remaining credit at the end of the year. Solar PV requires virtually no maintenance and lasts 30+ years.

Janvrinís Island Hall - the community of Janvrinís Island installed a 22-panel solar PV system on the hall November of 2011. During the first year the community saved $1193 and only paid the meter charge ($24.91) from March-November; that means the hall produced all the power it needed plus built up a credit by sending any excess power not used back to the grid.

On Line Monitoring
The micro inverters enable the user to monitor their system on line to see how the system is performing and it will send you a warning email if there is a problem with any of the panels.

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