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By mail: 1796 Janvrin Harbour Road, RR#1 West Arichat, NS B0E 3J0
Warehouse: 58 MacDonald Road, Janvrin's Island, West Arichat (moving to new location soon)


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Brian Rose: President/Sales 
brian@appleseedenergy.com or 902-227-8220

Gloria Hill: Administration 
gloria@appleseedenergy.com or 902-227-8737

Ross MacDonald ross@appleseedenergy.com or 902-227-8322

Brian Rose has been living off-grid living since 2001 with a solar shed & 12 PV panels plus batteries and a wind turbine, he has a background in business, organic farming, carpentry and general construction. brian@appleseedenergy.com or 902-227-8220

Gloria Hill lives in a new home build with ICF (insulated concrete forms), heat pump, electric heating and 39 solar PV panels to generate electricity and a net metering agreement to sell excess back to the power grid. She brings with her a background in finance, management and communication. gloria@appleseedenergy.com or 902-227-8737

Ross MacDonald has a background in hydraulics, machining and general construction, and lives with a home sized net-metered wind turbine and domestic solar hot water system. Ross works at B&N Distributors in Port Hawkesbury full time and leaves the day-to-day management to Brian and Gloria. ross@appleseedenergy.com or 902-227-8322

Brian and Gloria have taken a number of courses through Solar Energy International including Solar Electric Design (battery based), Solar Business and Technical Sales, Solar Electric Design and Installation. Brian also has his certificate from CanSIA for Solar Hot Water Installer. Our goal is to live and work in an area that is a leader in utilizing the free and natural energy we are all rich in; wind and sun. In fact, North Eastern Nova Scotia has some of the best wind in the world. The dream is to see everyone access this energy. We would love to see every home, farm, business and government building to have a wind turbine and solar panels. it can happen!

Consulting Services:

We receive many inquiries on green alternatives and we are happy to help. Unfortunately, the requests are becoming significant and time consuming. We are always able to answer simple questions but we do have a daily rate of $500 and a half-day rate of $300 for more in-depth conversations which would cover research into your green energy alternatives and travel to have a look at your situation.

Please rest assured that if you do business with us, this fee will be deducted from your invoice. If you wish to engage us for some consulting time, we would be excited to help. Our goal is to get everyone considering green alternatives and help them invest in their financial and planet's future. As always, please feel free to give us a call. We have been working in the industry for some time and between real life experience living off grid and the different installations we have worked with through Appleseed energy, we feel we have a wealth of knowledge that can assist you in your green energy quest.

Contact us today:
Email sales@appleseedenergy.com or phone 902-227-8220