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Solar Powered Golf Cart Tops:

Link to PDF on solar powered golf carts
Use The Sun’s Free Energy To Drive With Solar Power The world's greatest natural resource is the sun, and now you can use it to charge your electric golf cart. Turn your carts into efficient solar power golf carts by converting your existing roof to a solar panel with Appleseed Energy’s SUNTOP.

An electric golf cart with "Solar On Top" is powered by pure solar energy. All they require is daylight to generate their energy output, boosting battery life and powering electric golf carts all year.

This means not only do SUNTOP equipped golf cars increase driving efficiency and thereby enable golf courses to rent out the same cart more often, it also reduce utility costs.
State of the art electronic controller delivers highly efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking
(MPPT) ensuring optimal battery charging in all conditions using long life poly-crystalline solar
cells with high conversion rate.

The Dundee Resort used our demo Club Car powered by SUNTOP and their golf
pro went 150 holes over 14 days without recharging. It actually hasn’t been
plugged in for three months! (non-solar powered golf carts normally get 27-36 holes
before they need recharging)

Cost to install SUNTOP on your carts
1 – 10 carts $1,125 + tax each
11 – 49 carts $1,025 + tax each
50+ carts $899 + tax each

Solar Golf Carts attract a lot of attention at the golf course and proves the course is environmentally
conscious. Below are facts we learned from a season of using our SUNTOP Golf Cart at a local course:


 The solar panel fits in exactly the same holes with the same hardware as plastic roof.

 It held up great to the rigors of normal golf cart use including: rough terrain, hills, and bumps.

 If the solar panel does get damaged, the glass is tempered and breaks into many small, harmless pieces and there is no risk of shock. It is also substantially less money to replace a damaged SUNTOP than to replace a damaged plastic roof.

 During normal usage we played over 200 holes without plugging in the cart.

 We tested the solar powered cart against a regular cart. On continuous usage, it proved to be 17% faster and had 20% more range. During normal play we found its range is 5-6 times more than a regular cart.

 It charges on both sunny and cloudy days, this fits well with golf as most golfers play during good weather, during the day, and during the summer.

 The SUNTOP prolongs battery life by 50% as it keeps the charging cycles shallow and less frequent with higher voltage during use.

 The cart performed better than a normal cart, was used frequently and did not need to be plugged in the entire summer.

 Golf courses with Solar Powered fleets reduced their consumption from the electric grid by 50-75%.


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