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Appleseed Energy was started in 2008 by friends Brian Rose and Ross MacDonald. Brian had moved from Indiana to Janvrin’s Island in 2001 and was amazed by the wind resource in the area and surprised that no one specialized in installing smaller wind turbines; he saw an opportunity. Appleseed Energy officially started April 2009 and after training and working with wind turbines for a few years, they discovered small turbines were having ongoing problems with warranty. Their focus moved to solar thermal, and they started installing solar domestic hot water system using lucrative incentives from the different levels of government. All but one of those incentives ended in March of 2012 and the demand for solar thermal domestic hot water systems dropped.


Appleseed Energy was at a transition phase. They took on a new partner, Gloria Hill, to take care of accounting, administration and marketing and they changed their focus to solar PV as the price of PV was dropping dramatically and becoming less per watt to install than both wind and solar thermal. In the last two and a half years, Appleseed Energy has installed 57 Solar PV systems both grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems. In the previous years, they installed 50 other systems including domestic hot water systems, wind turbines and solar hot air systems. They still get requests for other systems and will gladly review the alternatives, pros, cons and costs associated with installation.

Brian Rose, company president, has been living off grid since 1999 and brings a wealth of real world knowledge. After moving from Indiana, he decided that he didn’t want to pay the $40,000 to get power run to his property on Janvrin’s Island and installed an off grid system instead.  As with the unexploited wind resource, he was surprised that no one locally sourced off-grid  materials and saw an opportunity.

In 2013 Appleseed Energy built an off-grid home with straw bale insulation.

In 2015 they completed a traditional bungalow style home with ICF construction. The bungalow uses heat pumps, baseboard heating and solar PV panels to offset most of the heat and electricity required. It proves that you can make enough electricity to cover your heat and lights and still live in a traditional home with a power line from Nova Scotia Power and regular appliances.


The story behind the name:

Johnny Appleseed, or John Chapman 1774-1845, was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of central US & Ontario. He became an American legend while still alive, due to his kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples. He was a missionary and the inspiration for many museums and historical sites. He also cared deeply about animals and became a vegetarian in his later life.

The legend is told of Johnny planting apple seeds wherever he went so apples would grow to provide food and help families prosper.

Appleseed Energy, like its namesake, would also like to be remembered as helping families prosper by enabling people to make energy at their home or business to both save money and help the environment.  We help people one solar array at a time giving power to the people!

Our Vision:
Our vision is to use our years of experience to help residents achieve energy independence, continue to run a successful business, provide a good career for our employees and continue to work and live in rural Cape Breton.

Our Mission:
Our mission has three legs: solar PV installation, manufacturing, and green home construction. The first part of our mission is to install solar PV on every interested client’s house; and to that end continue to market to potential clients and also work with the different levels of government to encourage incentives as a small incentive would go a long way in marketing the product. The second leg is manufacturing; we would like to use what we learned with solar PV technology to convert non-traditional vehicles to be solar powered. This is in the research stage but we hope it will develop into a viable manufacturing business. The final leg is green home construction. We want to be more active in building homes, especially houses that are energy efficient, green housing with different building materials or houses that are designed to be off-grid and have special requirements. We also want to continue helping home owners tighten their “envelope” to make their existing home more efficient.

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