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Appleseed Energy Fact Sheet April 2016

Do you want to…
Save money on your energy bills?
Manage and control your energy costs by creating your own power & watch your system pay you back?
Be energy independent - don't be dependent upon a volatile electric industry?
Protect the environment? Renewable energy is clean and produces no air pollution.
Reduce your contribution to global climate change?

Renewable energy solutions are reliable, efficient, affordable and can be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Modify and RV or Camper with Solar or get a custom build trailer!

Check out the "Projects" link above to see the many applications of Solar PV!

Choosing Solar PV to make power on site…

Join the many Nova Scotians who want to take control of their power bill and generate electricity on site by installing a Solar PV system. They either have a net metering agreement with NS Power and sell excess back to the grid for credit or are living off grid without a power bill.

We have installed more than 70 solar PV installations - grid tied, off grid and a hybrid of the two. We use micro-inverters on grid tied systems that enable you to check on your power minute by minute using your smart phone or computer. We have many happy customers that have mostly eliminated their power bill.

As of December 2015 we have installed more than 115 systems (PV, Hot Water & Wind & Hot Air) which generate 497 MWh’s of energy annually; that is equivalent to 417.4 tons of CO2 offset annually OR the CO2 created in a 37 acre forest OR 43 baseball stadiums powered for one day (or 20,271 homes powered for one day). And think of the money the homeowners saved…

Advantages of Solar PV:
The fuel for PV systems is free. Fuel is generally the largest operating cost & free available sunlight makes PV systems ideal for  remote & grid tied applications.
As an energy source, the sun shines everywhere. Photovoltaic systems can produce sufficient energy to meet a large portion of electricity demands nearly anywhere.
PV modules are very durable, so long term maintenance and repair costs are very low and panels have a 25 year warranty.
PV systems are modular, so the capacity can be increased as the need for energy increases. Systems can start small and grow as budget and growing demand allows.
When used and maintained properly, PV systems can be more reliable than conventional fossil-fuel generators.
PV energy generation is silent and doesn’t generate the complaints and controversy of turbines.
PV Systems do not produce hydrocarbons or combustion emissions while operating.

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